Communications Plans Matter

Communications Planning
Communication is a key to business. Making Powerful Communications a focus can impact your results.–>> Sales is communications.–>> Donors come from communications.–>> Clients sign up because of communications.–>> Users join because of communications.Whether you are a small business or a non-profit organization or a HUGE corporation, having a solid, thoughtful powerful communications plan can enhance your business.Communicate often and be out front. Don’t hide.Say the same thing OVER and OVER, but say it differently. You don’t know when the right moment for each person will occur.Think about your kids, how many times have you said the same thing — over and over?? Many!It takes repetition and consistency. Today, might NOT be the day that the person NEEDS what you have to offer, but next week may be.Often, we have to say the same thing again and again, because the WAY we said it the first time didn’t connect. But this time — it does!We all know that communication is challenging!! Perhaps one of the hardest things that we do as humans. It takes persistence and it takes listening.For myself, I know that I am constantly evaluating my communications. I am surprised when I think I have been super-clear and the listener DID NOT “get” what I was saying! It seemed SO clear!Communication is two ways, right? So, while I may think it was perfectly clear, the listener didn’t get it. Again, think of your kids or your significant other or a friend– you tell them something and they do something totally in conflict with what YOU just said! But they think that IS what you said!I know you’ve experienced this.It is the same with your email marketing or outward bound marketing. Yes, you think you are really clear. You believe that everyone understands exactly what you do and what you offer (ask your mom if she knows what you do!!).But then, you notice that something is NOT working!! Your business is not growing. It comes back to communications.What to do?
Create a plan –

how often do you want to communicate with your contacts?

what medium is the best way to communicate? email? social media? website? phone?

What’s the message — what do you want to communicate?

create a list of possible topics and keep adding to it.

listen to what your customers are asking/saying

write articles or content to answer questions, share expertise and promote services/products

Develop your content calendar

how often will you be communicating with your list?

aim for consistency but don’t freak out if you aren’t perfect.

I think one of the keys is to not be afraid to communicate. I see businesses that keep hesitating. They tell me things like – “I don’t want to be a bother”… or “I don’t want to email too often”… or…What’s the excuse running through your mind right now??When you don’t communicate — you miss out!! You miss out on building the relationship, building rapport, nurturing the relationship, making sales, getting referrals, new clients, new leads, new donors… it just doesn’t help your business.When you are afraid to communicate – because of the potential reaction to your communications – get in front of it. Front load your communications. If change is coming and you know people will be upset – tell them what is coming. Be up front. Be clear. be transparent. It will help you in the long run.So, be BOLD! You are a leader! You have valuable information to share! Powerful communications to your list, to your clients, to your new contacts, your potential clients, can change your results. You are driving your ship! Do NOT be afraid. You’ve got this! Get out in front and share, share, share!!

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